Our Team

Judy 2007

As a professional ski instructor for over 20 years, I was responsible for creating a fun and safe environment for my students. It's the same attitude I bring to my dog business.  

After taking obedience and agility classes, and earning an obedience instructor diploma, I decided to turn my life over to the dogs!

Starting from a simple dogwalking operation, in  2009  the business expanded with boarding and  daycare. Grooming followed the next year to better serve the needs of local and visitor dog owners.  With the growing business Matt and Andy become essential members of the operation.

Matt 2010

After retiring early from his life in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Matt returned to West Virginia and in 2010 we became a team.  He too resides at PetRated and  helps with walking, feeding, cuddling and caring for the visiting pooches. When not taking care of dogs, Matt can be found selling local produce & goods at the Highland Market in Davis.

Andy 2017

Being an Akc certified Groomer with more than 8 years experience, Andy has the ultimate love for pets and started to work for us in the summer of 2017. He handles large German shepherds ,  small toy poodles and everything in-between with gentle care and a big smile. He is also the lead guitar player of the band Chaga Tea Project and frequently plays at the Purple Fiddle and local breweries.