Grooming is Essential for a Healthy Dog

We Can give your dog a Bath.........

Bath includes : 

- Shampoo and Conditioner 

- Full Drying

- Brushing out Mats and Tangles

- Eliminating Loose Hair

Our products and tools are gentle on dogs skin and make their fur soft and  shiny.  And they smell good too!

...a refreshing Haircut...

Full service including: 

- Bath 

- Haircut

- Toenail Clipping

- Ear Cleaning 

- Anal Gland cleaning, if needed

As we groom, we carefully examine each dog for skin problems, fleas or parasites that need special treatment. We'll let you know if a situation requires a veterinarian's attention.

... and a little bit of Style!

Our groomers are experienced with all breeds great and small. We handle each dog with professionalism and loving care.